This unique but simple coaching approach is helpful to all leaders. We help leaders eliminate presumption, ambiguity and inertia by building judgement, clarity and momentum. The program helps leaders become more effective decision makers and managers which leads to improved outcomes.


Do you have a part of your organisation which has underperformed for some time? We help management reposition underperforming functions through implementing a customised improvement project. We help management eliminate presumption, ambiguity and inertia relating to roles, accountabilities and required outcomes.

Reposition are excellent change managers and strategic thinkers. They are not afraid to challenge the status quo and drive positive change within the organisation.
Managing Director, Multinational Subsidiary
Reposition designed and implemented a business improvement project delivered over a period of 2 years that positively impacted the processes, systems, productivity and contribution of the facilities management function to the organisation’s overall performance. Reposition further strengthened the capacity and effectiveness of the departmental manager through the provision of coaching services.
Senior Manager, Australian Services Business